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Sam Benady

Sam Benady was born in 1937 in Gibraltar, where his family has lived since 1735 (an ancestor was kidnapped by privateers in the 18th century and had to be ransomed).

His family was evacuated to London in 1940, and returned to Gibraltar in 1945.

He studied medicine in St Mary’s Hospital, and specialised in Paediatrics, which he practised in Britain, Israel and Gibraltar, where he became the Rock’s single-handed Paediatrician for over 22 years, having to deal with, among many other things, a serious epidemic of meningitis, He retired in 2002 and was awarded the MBE for services to Medicine and Heritage in 2005. He served as a member of the \board of the Gibraltar Heritage Trust for many years.

He has always been fascinated by the history of Gibraltar, and wrote a history of St Bernard’s Hospital in 1994, accounts of the yellow fever epidemics, a biography of Sir George Don and articles on many aspects of the Rock’s history. Several works of fiction have also been set in the Gibraltar of the past: a medieval novel, The Keys of the City, Sherlock Holmes in Gibraltar (two short stories later anthologised in U.S. collections, and a seven-volume series of detective novels, The Bresciano Mysteries, written with the late Mary Chiappe.

So the text of the present work, an illustrated overview of Gibraltar history, is the result of many years of patient and loving research.

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