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Patricia Peyton

Patricia Peyton is a director of Companies in Motion, offering Physical Intelligence coaching and training to global industry leaders, including one of the world’s most recognized consumer brands, a global investment bank and a multi-national pharmaceutical organization.

Patricia has spent over thirty years working with Fortune 100 and FTSE 1000 organizations helping individuals and teams improve their personal and commercial performance. Former chief design officer of Richardson (leading sales training provider), she is also managing director of Sphere International, her own consultancy, providing leadership and sales consulting, training and coaching across industries globally, from entry through executive levels. Patricia's consulting services and training design have helped hundreds of clients establish sales, service, and coaching cultures, significantly increasing revenue, employee and customer satisfaction, employee retention and profitability. She has worked as a writer throughout her career and joined Companies in Motion as a Director in 2014. Patricia also has a background in dance and voice. She holds a degree in Organisational Behaviour from Emerson College in the US where she currently sits on the board of trustees.

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