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Dr Lianne Tripp

Dr. Tripp completed her PhD. in Biological Anthropology under the supervision of Dr Sawchuk at the University of Toronto in 2017. Since graduating, she has been an assistant professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Northern British Columbia, Canada. As a biomedical Anthropologist, her primary research area focuses on the demography (population studies), and the health of the 19th and 20th century small-scale and largely marginalized populations of Gibraltar and the Maltese islands (Malta and Gozo). Her research uses both qualitative and quantitative approaches to revealing disease and health disparities across the difference communities in Gibraltar- such as by religion, economic status, age and sex- and between the colonial nations of Malta and Gibraltar. Lianne’s research has examined the disease experience of cholera, 1918 influenza, tuberculosis, and undulant fever. This is Lianne’s first book, after having published numerous academic papers. Having acquired knowledge on the various communities of Gibraltar, and having a general interest in the history of the people and place, Lianne became fascinated with understanding the history of the macaques, especially in their interaction and dependency on humans, primarily the British military, for their survival on the Rock. Lianne especially enjoyed the challenge of tracing the origins of the Gib macaques, and she looks forward to continuing to uncover more on the monkeys’ history.

Lianne is an avid gardener and baker. She enjoys the great outdoors and hiking in Canada’s vast wilderness.

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