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Dr Larry Sawchuk

Dr. L. Sawchuk is a biological anthropologist at the University of Toronto Scarborough, Canada. In 2013, he won the prestigious University of Toronto President Teaching award. He has spent 40 years working in Gibraltar. His major focus is on the medical and demographic history of Gibraltar. Larry has written a number of articles and a book that reflects a wide interest of topics that deal with such subjects as: marriage patterns, patio life, epidemics, and much earlier in his, career the Gibraltar macaques. The work covers the period from British occupation in 1704 to the current post-border closure period. His research continues today, by looking outward at Malta to gain a greater sense of perspective on the shared and different experiences of these populations over the past three centuries. The approach taken in the majority of his studies falls within the anthropological perspective. His research methods also embrace holism, the case study approach, and importantly, the recognition that the Gibraltarian ethos is not a static quality, but one that is in flux and changes in response to the external socio-political climate.

Another of his long-standing interests, includes the use of innovation methods such as electronic and computer games for teaching. Projects such as the Gibraltar Explorer, the Digital Skeleton and a computer-based game on epidemics – Outbreak has been successful teaching/learning projects and tools. Larry is an avid audiophile, and he has a passion for music of most genres. Photography of people and the urban landscape is another of his pleasures. His travels have taken him across much of North America, and Canada. London, Gibraltar, and Gozo are among his favorite places.

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