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Richard Cartwright

Richard Cartwright was initially part of the 60s music scene as a singer/guitarist, partnering local singer/songwriter Albert Hammond abroad for many years. In the early 70s Richard returned to the Rock and took up broadcasting on Radio Gibraltar where he eventually became its head, as Senior Presenter. Simultaneously he presented and produced many television programmes and series on GBC, including `City Talk,’ `Two’s Company,’ `Talk About Town’ and many others and was also a newsreader. Outside his TV and radio commitments he has also presented a number of Miss Gibraltar Pageants, Song Festivals and other stage shows. On retirement in 2005 he continued with the `GBC connection’ on TV for a few more years and on radio to the present, producing and presenting the popular 60s and 70s oldies programme,` Yesterday When I was Young’ which has been running since the early 80s. Since leaving GBC in 2005, he’s been writing articles for local magazines `Insight,’ `The Gibraltar Magazine’ and `Globe.’ Richard is married to Terry and is father to Justine, Marvin, Claire and Jonathan...

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