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Henry Valerga

Is a veteran singer/musician, as well as lyric-writer, arranger and composer of music.

Born in Gibraltar in March 1951; his artistic influence stems from the musical revolution of the 1960’s fashioned by the likes of Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, Elvis and of course, The Beatles.

His first ‘Beat’ group (a four piece formed in 1965) was called “The Odds”; a trendy name befitting the times, chosen purely at random by way of opening a page from the Concise Oxford Dictionary, and with eyes closed, pointing an index finger upon a certain word that turned out to be… ‘Odd’.

His service to the community as an entertainer is meritorious beyond that of a mere local musician, since what he has achieved and embroidered indelibly in the fabric of our community, is an integral part of our heritage and history, and reflects in music what we are. 2018 marks his 52nd Anniversary of uninterrupted, active service in the music industry.

Now in the autumn of his musical career, he has cast a look back over his chequered life and decided to share with us his vast experience in music and also in life; experiences which are exciting, revealing, surprising, sometimes frustrating and at times depressing, but always enriching and full of interest.

With “A Boy From Red Sands”, Henry makes his debut as an author. This book of his is a wide compendium of anecdotes, happenings, episodes, and encounters through which, he provides a clear account of his first twenty-one years. It is also a slice of social, local history covering the 50’s and the 60’s by a lad who grew up in ‘Los Humphrey’s’ (the first built and finest of Gibraltar’s housing estates) and how he wallowed in the lap of glorious luxury all the way up the Red Sands Road.


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