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Priscilla Sacramento

Born in Downpatrick to Gibraltarian parents, Priscilla Sacramento arrived in Gibraltar as a young child. Her childhood was humble but happy. Her mother would read to some neighbours who would gather in her kitchen, awakening Priscilla's love for reading and writing. She decided then that she would write a novel. At the tender age of eleven, she lost her mother to cancer, and she and her sisters were brought up by their father single-handed. Encouraged by her father, she was one of the few young women from Gibraltar who, at the time, undertook teacher training studies in the UK. Later, having taken time off work to bring up her daughter, she was offered a temporary post teaching pupils with special needs. This led to her becoming the Headteacher of St. Martins Special School for over twenty years, and Education Adviser for Special Educational Needs until her retirement. It was then that she started to put her dormant project of writing a novel into operation. Having published 'Invisible Threads' last year, she is now planning her next novel.

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