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Ingrid Seward

An Editor of Majesty Magazine since 1983 and subsequently Editor-in-Chief, Ingrid Seward is globally acknowledged as one of the world’s experts on the British Royal Family. Ingrid wrote her first book in 1988, simply called ‘Diana’, which reached number 7 on The Times bestseller list.

Since then, Ingrid has written a huge number of acclaimed books about the Royal Family. Her second was Sarah Duchess of York, written with the co-operation of Sarah Ferguson in 1989, followed by Royal Children of the 20th Century (1993), Prince Edward (1995), The Last Great Edwardian Lady (1999) about the Queen Mother, The Queen and Di (2000), William and Harry (2003) – which was serialised in the Daily Mail in one of the newspapers most successful deals, seeing shares in the paper leap during the 7 day serialisation – worked with Larry King on The People’s Princess (2007) and William and Harry: The People’s Princess in 2008. Ingrid is a regular broadcaster for SKY News, ITN News, BBC Breakfast News, BBC News 24, GMTV (now Daybreak), and Channel 5 News, and has contributed to many special royal programmes and on coverage of royal events and announcements. She helped research the BBC’s award-winning mini-series The Queen staring Helen Mirren. In 1997 she co-hosted coverage of Diana’s funeral for CBS News and also the death of the Queen Mother in 2002. She also contributes to major US publications and broadcast.

Website: Twitter: @RoyalBiographer

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