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Dr Ramesh Pattni

Ramesh Pattni has been a teacher and practitioner of Vedanta for over two decades. He holds regular weekly classes and conducts workshops and retreats on Vedanta and its applications in daily life for a happier and balanced life. Some of the workshops which he has conducted include: Vedanta: The Science of Happiness, Finding your Centre: Guide to Meditation; The Spiritual Toolkit for Happiness.

He has held many public positions as well over this time, including being a former Secretary General of Hindu Forum of Britain and the Chair of its Interfaith Committee. He was the founder Co-Chair of the Hindu Christian Forum and a former Trustee of the Interfaith Network UK. He is currently a Director of the Council of Dharmic Faiths and a Trustee of Faith Based Regeneration Network. He has represented the Hindu community on many different forums in the UK and abroad at the highest levels.

He is a graduate of the King’s College London, holds three masters degrees and has doctorate in Yoga Psychology at the University of Oxford. He also tutors and teaches at the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies and gives public lectures on many aspects of Hinduism, religion and science and spirituality. Some of the recent public lectures include: Gandhi and the Bhagavad Gita, The Three Faces of Vedanta, and The Six Systems of Hindu Philosophy, The Boomerang Effect: Karma, Causation, and Rebirth.


His research interest is at the intersection of spirituality and psychology, in particular Yoga and psychology where he is exploring the psychological concepts and practices in the ancient Hindu texts for application in mental well-being.

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