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The Weather Woman

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The Weather Woman

Sally Gardner



12:00pm 1h
The Gibraltar Garrison Library (Festival HQ)

The Weather Woman Neva Friezland is the adopted daughter of a clockmaker. Neva has a gift of being able to predict the weather but this is the early1800s and the weather belongs to God alone. As Neva grows older and becomes frustrated that she cannot openly use her gift, the clockmaker invents an automaton — the Weather Woman — that appears to make predictions but is actually operated by Neva. This isn't enough for Neva who wants to be free to attend lectures and discuss her theories about the science of the weather.

The world is not prepared for a clever woman and her solution is to assume the disguise of a young man, Eugene Jonas. He is thought to be brilliant. But Neva falls in love with a young French emigre, Henri Dênou. In the guise of Eugene Neva is able to be herself and be treated by Henri as an equal. As Neva she finds herself quite lost.

Set between the two great frost fairs of 1789 and 1814 this is story of the weather, of our emotions and of our sexuality but at heart it is story about love and of a extraordinary young woman and the courage it takes to be herself

Join Sally Gardner in conversation Sophie Clifton Tucker for a memorable evening. 

There will be a short question and answer session after the event, and a book signing opportunity.

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