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The Life of John Buchan

Price: Standard £12, Senior Citizens £8, Children £8

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The Life of John Buchan

Ursula Buchan



2:00pm 1h
John Mackintosh Hall

This presentation aims to trace the life-story of John Buchan, one of the most remarkable writers and public men of the first half of the 20th century. Although known widely as the author of the classic, The Thirty-Nine Steps, which was made into a number of films, most famously by Alfred Hitchcock in 1935, he was so much more than simply a writer of exciting thriller stories. Despite modest origins, he was a scholar and antiquarian and, at various times, a barrister, colonial administrator, journal editor, publisher, director of wartime propaganda, Member of Parliament and Governor-General of Canada, when he was elevated to the peerage as Lord Tweedsmuir. He wrote more than a hundred books, fiction and non-fiction, a thousand articles for newspapers and magazines, and dozens of short stories and poems. He did all this while suffering from serious illness most of his adult life. He was also an immensely attractive personality, and deeply mourned by a very wide circle at his comparatively early death in 1940. 80 years later, he and his works are still held in great affection by readers across the world.

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