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The First and The Last

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The First and The Last

Richard Garcia



4:00pm 1h
The Gibraltar Garrison Library (Festival HQ)

The illustrated talk will be a short introduction to the more complete study of the life of Bishop Rapallo that is contained in the book, "The First and the Last".

300 years of the Rapallo family in Gibraltar will first be explored, as background to the life of the priest and bishop.

An account of his early years, serving under Bishop Fitzgerald and Bishop Healy, during which Father Rapallo dedicated himself to working with young people and encouraging them to contribute to the well- being of the community, will follow.

Then, the episcopate of Bishop Rapallo will be seen within the wider context of Gibraltar at the time of the closed frontier, a challenging time in which Gibraltar changed significantly and moved from being a colony to exercising a growing degree of self-determination.

Finally, the wider role played by the Bishop, not only within the Catholic church, but beyond it in areas such as the welfare of the community in Gibraltar, the care of the elderly and the sick and working for the interests of the blind, will help to give a more complete picture of a man of God who was also a passionate Gibraltarian.

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