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A Table Full Of Love

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A Table Full Of Love

Sky Mc Alpine



4:00pm 1h
The Gibraltar Garrison Library (Festival HQ)

Skye McAlpine’s third cookbook, A Table Full of Love, explores the connection between food and love. It’s both a recipe book and a celebration of the many different love stories that make up our lives, with over 100 simple, do-able recipes to comfort, seduce, nourish and spoil friends, family and loved ones, as well as ourselves.

Accompanied by Skye’s thoughtfully written chapter introductions and her evocative photography. A Table Full of Love is a book to cherish and cook from time and time again.

Drawing on her postgraduate studies of ancient love poetry, Skye’s inspiration comes from the nuanced characterisation of love in Ancient Greek literature, where ‘love’ is never a generic feeling, but always has a name and a distinct identity. With each chapter, Skye explores a different kind of love and offers recipes to match it, such as Comfort (friendship and recipes for mending heartbreak), Seduce (romance and recipes to make someone fall in love with you) and Nourish.

In conversation with a host, Skye will talk about the themes of her cookbook, looking at the links between food and love and sharing some recipes she likes to make to express love for the people in her life.

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