14th – 17th November 2019

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Nick Higham

Nick Higham is a journalist, interviewer and conference moderator, and a former BBC News reporter. For six years he presented Meet the Author on the BBC News Channel.

He joined the BBC in 1988 as its first dedicated media correspondent and spent 14 years as arts and media correspondent, covering everything from the Oscars to the latest tabloid outrage and the never-ending debate about the BBC and its future.

He went on to report on a wide range of subjects on television and radio. He specialised in writing and recording obituaries and in quirky end items for the Radio 4 Six O’Clock News: his last few pieces included one about a beauty contest for camels, another about a 103-year old Bulgarian beggar and a third about a burger-flipping robot.

He is currently researching a history of London’s water supply, and a book about teaching Japanese in wartime Britain.