14th – 17th November 2019

Julio Alberto Moreno Casas Image

Julio Alberto Moreno Casas

Participating in the Festival for the first time will be Julio Alberto Moreno Casas, known as Julio Alberto, a Spanish retired footballer who played as a left back.

During his professional career he played mainly for Atlético Madrid and Barcelona, amassing La Liga totals of 269 games and 11 goals. Julio Alberto will be talking to Guillem Balague about his life and presenting his book “Nunca recordaré haber muerto” co-written with Consuelo Garcia Del Cid Guerra.

The book is an intimate account of this football legend’s journey from his unstructured childhood and an example of how to win and achieve goals. The book tells the story of his infancy, adolescence and his younger days coupled with early success in the world of football. It contains reflections on his bonhomie and his eternal support for those less favoured. It recognises his mistakes and he analyses these in detail. It looks at his view of the world currently and his constant fight with adversity, having pushed beyond most limits. The book also looks at his time as a player and his subsequent work with FCB along with a list of personalities whom he has known and are relevant to his story, who give opinions about the player, all agreeing on his human values that prevail in every situation.