14th – 17th November 2019

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Sue MacGregor

Sue MacGregor was born in Oxford and brought up in Cape Town South Africa.  She has worked for BBC radio for much of her professional life, mostly on Radio 4, and is still one of its most familiar voices.

She first worked for the BBC as a reporter on The World at One, and then for fifteen years presented Woman’s Hour.  For over 17 years she co-presented the Today programme, getting up regularly at 3 am, and went on to front A Good Read, about favourite books.   She continues to host the award-winning The Reunion - bringing back together people involved in an historically important event – ranging from re-uniting the participants in Miss World 1970 to hearing, from those who were there, about the Hillsborough tragedy or the assassination of President Kennedy in Dallas.   The new series begins on Radio 4 next Spring.