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Dr Joseph Garcia to speak about the Referendum at Literary Festival  Image

Dr Joseph Garcia to speak about the Referendum at Literary Festival


The Deputy Chief Minister Dr Joseph Garcia will be speaking at the Gibunco Gibraltar International Literary Festival 2017. Dr Garcia will be talking about the 1967 Referendum and will launch a new commemorative book about the Referendum at the event. 

Gibraltar has this year celebrated the 50th anniversary of the 1967 referendum. This was the first time that the people of Gibraltar were given the choice to remain British or to come under Spanish sovereignty. 

On 14 June 1967, UK Minister of State at the Commonwealth Office Judith Hart told the Westminster Parliament that a referendum would be held in Gibraltar on 10 September that year. There would be two options on the ballot paper open to the people of Gibraltar. The first to pass under Spanish sovereignty in accordance with the terms proposed by the Spanish Government to Her Majesty’s Government on 18 May 1966. The second choice was to voluntarily retain the link with Britain, with democratic local institutions and with Britain retaining its existing responsibilities. 

The referendum took place on 10 September 1967. On a turnout of 95.8%, 12,138 people voted to remain British and only 44 voted for Gibraltar to become a part of Spain. This was the first time that the Gibraltarians had been given the choice and encouraged to exercise it. They spoke with devastating clarity. 

Dr Joseph said, “I’m delighted to be asked to be a part of the Gibunco Gibraltar International Literary Festival for a second time and for a chance speak about this very important event in our history. It will coincide with the release of a book that the Government is publishing on the Referendum and I pleased to say that all those attending the event will receive a free copy of the book.” 

Dr Joseph’s event will take place at 6.00pm on Saturday 18th November at the Garrison Library. Tickets are on sale as from Monday 25th September 2017 at and 

A box office will be open at the Garrison Library as from 16th October 2017. 


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