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‘What Kind of Playwright Am I?’ – Overcoming the Impostor Syndrome

Price: Standard £12, Senior Citizens £8, Children £8

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‘What Kind of Playwright Am I?’ – Overcoming the Impostor Syndrome

Julian Felice



12:00pm 1h
John Mackintosh Hall

The Impostor Syndrome is a psychological pattern that is very real to many creative types. It can often lead to doubts about one’s accomplishments in a particular field, with a sense that one does not deserve any labels that may be applied to them. Affected individuals often have a recurring anxiety that they and their work will be exposed as fraudulent, causing issues that can significantly inhibit their work.

Julian’s talk will focus on his attempts to overcome the Impostor Syndrome as manifested by his initial insecurities with being labeled a ‘playwright’. Asking himself ‘What kind of playwright am I?’ as part of an intellectual exercise, Julian tracks his trajectory as a writer, trying to ascertain whereabouts he may have gained this particular label. The focus of the talk then turns to Julian trying to identify the stylistic and theatrical characteristics of his plays in a talk that should prove an honest and self-reflective exploration of his work.