14th – 17th November 2019

The Oldie Lunch

Price: £49.50

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The Oldie Lunch

Robert Hardman, Harry Mount, James Pembroke



12:00pm 3:30h
The Rock Hotel

Join us at the famous Rock Hotel in Gibraltar, a landmark institution built by the Marquess of Bute in the 1930s, for one of our legendary literary lunches. Sit down to a lovely three-course meal, and then sit back and enjoy the wit and wisdom of our three wonderful speakers: Harry Mount (our editor), James Pembroke (our publisher) and Robert Hardman.

Harry Mount on Summer Madness: How Brexit Divided the Country
Our editor’s first-hand account of how Brexit damaged every politician it touched, revealing the country’s leading backstabbers and political fixers.

James Pembroke presents The Oldie Cartoon Show
Cartoons are firmly bound up in the history of The Oldie – founding editor Richard Ingrams adored them and they remain crucial to the magazine’s laugh rate. Enjoy the best of genius cartoonists like Grizelda, Heath and Ed McLachlan.

Robert Hardman on Queen of the World
Robert Hardman looks into the globe-trotting life of Her Majesty. Hardman personally knows the monarch, and talks brilliantly about some of her tours around the 130 countries she has visited during her time on the throne.