14th – 17th November 2019

The Greatest Siege in British History

Price: Standard £12, Senior Citizens £8, Children £8

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The Greatest Siege in British History

Roy and Lesley Adkins



2:00pm 1h
The Convent

Roy and Lesley Adkins are historians whose books include Trafalgar and Jack Tar. Their most recent book is Gibraltar: The Greatest Siege in British History.

This was the longest siege in British history. For more than 3½ years, from 1779 to 1783, Gibraltar was besieged and blockaded, on land and at sea, by the overwhelming forces of Spain and France. Thousands of soldiers, civilians and their families withstood terrifying bombardments, starvation and disease. Rich in dramatic human detail, the everyday experiences of those involved are brought to life with eyewitness accounts. The action includes fantastic floating batteries, a daring sortie into Spain and the creation of Gibraltar’s very first tunnels. The epic conflict even attracted 80,000 war tourists from across Europe, expecting to witness the Rock’s downfall.

Roy and Lesley will describe the extraordinary events that made Gibraltar the most famous fortress in the world and a symbol of strength and stability. A word of warning – their talk last year on the Great Siege sold out rapidly!

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