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The Complete Plays of Shakespeare with Christopher Lloyd

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The Complete Plays of Shakespeare with Christopher Lloyd

Christopher Lloyd



10:00am 1h
John Mackintosh Hall

How many plays did Shakespeare write? Which feature ghosts? Which are non-fiction and which are made up? Celebrate the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare with festival favourite Christopher Lloyd and a giant version of his What on Earth? Wallbook of Shakespeare, published in collaboration with The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. This unique voyage through the plays of Shakespeare is suitable for all ages and explores the world of human emotion using different colours to represent jealousy (green), anger (red), riches (gold), love (purple), terror (white) and magic (black). Using a series of props hidden inside a coat of many multi-coloured pockets pockets, the audience explores the world of Shakespeare as a gateway to the entire spectrum of human nature.

Sponsored by The John Mackintosh Trust