15th – 18th November 2018

The Art of the Micro-Story A Creative Writing Workshop

Price: Standard £15, Senior Citizens £11, Children £11

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The Art of the Micro-Story A Creative Writing Workshop

Christina Oxenberg



12:00pm 1:30h
John Mackintosh Hall

In addition to the success of her published books such as DYNASTY, author and writer Christina Oxenberg has built a cult online following with her trademark “Sunday Story”: slices of life presented to her readers in ultra-short bursts of a few hundred words. For more than a decade--through international travel, hurricane evacuations, identity theft and more--Christina has faithfully delivered to her followers these “micro-stories” every Sunday, creating and fostering her own online community of fellow writers and readers. This artistic community and discussion inspired her to bring her online passions to the real world, and creating this writing workshop around the same “speed drills” that have kept her writing and growing over the years.

Oxenberg’s fun and interactive workshop is designed to show attendees the importance and impact that micro-stories can have in encouraging wannabe writers under a narrow framework of time and space. Timed writing drills with certain topics/details/parameters, live readings and feedback give workshop attendees the tools--and more importantly, the encouragement--to find their own writing voice.

Workshop Outline:

60-90 minutes

0-7 minutes:
Oxenberg introduces herself to attendees, reads one or more of her Sunday Stories to set the tone and create a collegial atmosphere.

7-10 minutes:
Writing drill is explained, parameters/scenario are given. Goal: when writing drill is read out loud, should be maximum of about 1 minute of speaking. This goal will both help focus the writers’ output--with micro-stories it’s quality over quantity--and also keep the workshop lively and running smoothly.

10-20 minutes:

20-55 minutes:
Each attendee can be allotted 5 minutes per “speed writing” drill: 1 minute to read their piece, and 4 minutes for input from Oxenberg and other attendees. This simple structure is scalable and will allow for more writing drills in the event of smaller crowds, or an extended, 90-minute workshop in the event of larger crowds.

55-60 minutes:
Wrap-up; Patreon submissions, etc.

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