16th – 19th November 2017

Mapping the Man behind Mind Mapping

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Mapping the Man behind Mind Mapping

Ray Keene



10:00am 1h
John Mackintosh Hall

Tony Buzan achieved global fame as the inventor of Mind Mapping, a technique for note taking and creative ideas which has transformed educational theory and practice around the world. In the course of his career, promoting Mental Literacy and the belief that Genius is present in every one of us, Tony has encountered numerous giant personalities. These include the eccentric singer and superstar Michael Jackson, whose children were taught by Tony; the Dalai Lama, to whom Tony lectured on Mental Literacy at the King of Jordan’s Nobel Prizewinners’ Conference; quintuple Olympic Gold winner Sir Steve Redgrave; ABBA member Benny Andersson and Poet Laureate Ted Hughes, whom Tony commissioned to write a Memory Poem with a difference. It is published here for the very first time. Other luminaries encountered in these pages include Frieda Hughes, daughter of Ted Hughes and the ethereal poetess Sylvia Plath, UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Dr Henry Kissinger, Edward de Bono and Bill Gates.

Tony Buzan’s teachings also embrace Speed Reading, Memory, Physical Fitness, Martial Arts, IQ, Concentration and Creativity, all embodied in his foundation of THE RENAISSANCE ACADEMY for business, future leaders and pioneers of the use of Brainpower. This volume recounts his battles to establish the validity of his methods, and explains the key elements, which can be utilised by all those who wish to improve their powers of Mental Literacy in general. The techniques explained here will help everyone, from school and college exam-taking, to those determined to keep their brain fit and functioning maximally into advanced age.


Author, Ray Keene OBE, is a chess Grandmaster, MA from Trinity College Cambridge, where he shared lodgings with HRH The Prince of Wales, Chess Correspondent  for The Times and long term colleague and friend of Tony Buzan. He is also the co-founder with Tony of the World Memory Championships.

Take a look inside the mind of Tony Buzan, the man who invented Mind Mapping and taught the world a whole new way of thinking. Read about the inspirations, influences, discoveries and challenges on his journey to help royalty, global figures, celebrities, governments, business leaders, and how he has transformed educational theory and practice around the world.  


In Raymond Keene’s comprehensive book, hear from Tony in his own words about his passion for Mental Literacy and his and the belief that Genius is present in every one of us.