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Locations and Literary Inspiration

Price: Standard £12, Senior Citizens £8, Children £8

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Locations and Literary Inspiration

Patrick Gale, Maggie Gee OBE, Suzi Feay



12:00pm 1h
City Hall

Patrick Gale and Maggie Gee discuss their latest novels, and the Gibraltar settings that inspired them. The event is chaired by the literary journalist Suzi Feay.

Place and setting are very important to novels and novelists, from Robert Louis Stevenson to Zadie Smith. Booksellers say that customers say things like ‘I want to read a novel about South America’ or ‘Have you got that novel, I don’t know its name but it’s set in 1950s Italy?’ How do special places help a story and its characters to come alive? Does it matter if settings are real or invented? Maggie Gee’s latest novel The Red Children is set partly in a globally warmed Gibraltar in around 2030, Patrick Gale’s 'Mother's Boy' is a retelling of the early life of the Cornish poet Charles Causley, stationed here as a sailor during the war. These two acclaimed novelists will talk, read and answer questions about how the world appears in their pages.

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