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Giselle Green

Price: Standard £12, Senior Citizens £8

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Dear Dad

Giselle Green



2:00pm 1h
John Mackintosh Hall

Award-winning novelist Giselle Green introduces her latest novel, Dear Dad. The story follows the lives of three lonely and heart-wounded strangers; agoraphobic war reporter Nate, reluctant teacher Jenna and the sad but determined, 9-year-old orphan Adam. Bullied at school, and burdened with the sole care of his ageing nan, Adam’s letters to Nate - the man he mistakenly believes to be his father - are what starts the process. Nate is struck by the child’s plight, but his decision to get involved will force him to confront not only his agoraphobia, but the real reasons behind his reluctance to ever become anyone’s father. He’ll also discover what it truly means to be a ‘dad’ in the modern world. As Nate and Jenna are drawn together in a bid to help desperate Adam, they fall for each other … but along the way, a big lie has been told. It’s a lie that could scupper every chance each of them has for happiness.

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