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Charles Dickens and his Circle

Price: Standard £12, Senior Citizens £8, Children £8

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Charles Dickens and his Circle

Lucinda Hawksley



2:00pm 1h
The Convent

Charles Dickens was a distinctly modern author who travelled widely, went on book tours, promoted himself and his works through constant marketing, and performed tirelessly. His novels enjoyed unprecedented success during his lifetime and their popularity has never waned. When the word “celebrity” was first coined, Dickens was one of the first people to whom the word was applied, and that level of fame and adulation still remains constant almost 150 years after his death. In this talk, the author and historian Lucinda Hawksley will explore the lives of her great-great-great-grandfather and his extensive circle of friends and associates. Dickens surrounded himself with writers, artists, actors, thinkers, politicians and social reformers. Rather than courting people for their fame, Dickens made friends with men and women who intrigued him and whose work he admired. In Charles Dickens and his Circle, Lucinda Hawksley investigates the life of her ancestor and the people who knew him.