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Dr Ramesh Pattni

Price: Standard £12, Senior Citizens £8

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Beyond the Stretch and the Breath: What is Yoga Really?

Dr Ramesh Pattni



10:00am 1h
John Mackintosh Hall

Yoga has become a multibillion dollar commodity with over 30 million people in the US alone practising one form or another of Yoga. What are all these practitioners practising? Is it just to make the body fit and flexible and make one feel calmer by breath control? Where did the forms of practice seen today in the yoga studios come from? Are they traceable to earlier forms and texts within the Indian traditions, particularly Hinduism? What does Patanjali have to say about ‘authentic’ Yoga in what has come to be known as the Classical text of Yoga called the Yogasutra?


We reflect on the answers to these questions and look at Patanjali’s text in detail and trace some of the developments in Yoga philosophy and practice from ancient times.