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Behind the Throne: Five Centuries of Life in the Royal Household

Price: Standard £12, Senior Citizens £8, Children £8

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Behind the Throne: Five Centuries of Life in the Royal Household

Adrian Tinniswood



12:00pm 1h
John Mackintosh Hall

Power. Greed. Duty. Desire. Join social historian Adrian Tinniswood for a look behind the scenes of the royal household from Elizabeth I to the present day. Despite the castles, crown jewels, and other trappings of monarchy, the royal family had — and still have—many of the same issues as average people. James I tripped over his dogs. George II threw his son out of the house. Queen Victoria cut costs at Windsor by replacing the toilet paper with newspaper squares.

The great difference, however, is that royal families had more help, from an army of courtiers and servants who run the machine that is the Royal Household. Everyone, from Elizabeth I’s Master of the Horse down to Edward VII’s motor mechanic, was there to smooth the sovereign’s path through life. Even today, Elizabeth II has a staff of 1,200.

Tinniswood will uncover the reality of five centuries of life at the English court, taking us on a remarkable journey from one Queen Elizabeth to another. He will reconstruct life behind the throne and reveal the daily lives of clerks and courtiers, crowned heads and court jesters.