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Beating Osteoporosis

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Beating Osteoporosis

Diana Moran



2:00pm 1h
The Convent

Celebrating her 80th birthday Diana Moran’s new book has been written in association with the Royal Osteoporosis Society. The book is based on the latest research from the ROS which proves that exercise can help those THREE MILLION people who endure osteoporosis. There are an estimated 500,000+ fractures every year and this book details the latest osteoporosis treatments and the preventative steps we can all take to tackle osteoporosis.

Diagnosed with osteopenia herself (an early form of osteoporosis) Diana Moran is a strong advocate for early diagnosis as well as for the use of exercise and vitamin D, and other medical treatments, to help reduce the impact of osteoporosis. Beating Osteoporosis contains a comprehensive range of specially designed exercises to help encourage a more active lifestyle and strengthen areas of weakness, alongside practical information about the latest medical developments in the treatment of osteoporosis.

Written in association with the Royal Osteoporosis Society, this practical book is a must-have for anybody who is already affected by osteoporosis, anyone who is interested in how they can help to manage its effects and also for those wanting to prevent the initial development of the condition as they get older. This is THE easy- to-use guide to the things we can all be doing to help ourselves live well.