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At Home: Entertaining at the Real Downton Abbey

Price: Standard £12, Senior Citizens £8, Children £8

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At Home: Entertaining at the Real Downton Abbey

Gwenan Edwards, Lady Carnarvon



12:00pm 1h
The Convent

Lady Carnarvon will be in conversation about entertaining at Highclere Castle over the years, the subject of her latest book entitled ‘At Home: Entertaining at the Real Downton Abbey’. The book looks at how the Castle has been at the centre of drama, music and laughter, as well as high politics through the years. The 8th Countess explains the domestic arrangements, showcases recipes, and reports the anecdotes and letters, which surround the living history of Highclere Castle. Each Chapter takes a particularly special visit as its jumping off point: in 1866 the political drama as the 4th Earl and John A Macdonald negotiated the Canadian Constitution which created the Dominion in 1867, in 1886 as Henry James spent time completing two novels, in 1898 when His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales-later King Edward VII-came for a traditional but suitably extravagant shooting (long) weekend, and 1936 when Malcolm Sargent was a guest, reinforcing a history of association between Highclere and the musical word that continues to this day.